Procrastinate on This! Friday Edition [Oct. 1, 2010]

Just in case you didn’t know, it’s Banned Book Week, and a bunch of us authors are getting together to read passages from our favorite Banned Books at the Santa Monica Library on Saturday (you know who called dibs on THE COLOR PURPLE, right?). More info can be found HERE. And some relief from your work day in the form of procrastination can be found below:

There just aren't enough sci-fi rom-coms, so super can't wait for this one from Nacho Vigalondos. What a great poster! Click on pic for more info. Source: i09

1. To all the city folks who get sick all the time, apparently people who live in big cities are supposed to get sick way less, b/c our immune systems areĀ  stronger, due to having to work harder in a dense, germ-ridden environment. So seriously never move to the country, b/c you just might die. [Gawker]

2. Netflix Queue Add Alert: “The Ten Best Foreign Language Sci-Fi Films.” Most excited about seeing Godard’s ALPHAVILLE and (Paris 2054) RENAISSANCE — haven’t seen a French movie in forever… [i09]

3. Don’t want to define myself as a Hipster Christian, but yeah, most of the authors on this Hipster Christian Reading List can be found on our bookshelf. So… [Galleycat]

4. Can’t stop listening to this playlist of music that the whole family can enjoy, composed by fellow IR mom, Yvonne. Her taste is so spot on, and both Betty and CH got their sway on while this played in the background. [Homegrown Mosaic]

5. Check out STASIS, an engrossing and gorgeousĀ  24-minute sci-fi short.

STASIS from Christian Swegal on Vimeo.