Procrastinate on This! Friday Edition [October 15, 2010]

I’m looking soooo forward to the 32 CANDLES Q&A at Writing Pad tonight. And I’ve been really good with the Weight Watchers points this week, so salted caramel cupcakes will be eaten without guilt. This I decree! But before all that, let’s get our procrastination on, shall we?

Mmm! Glee cookies! Click on the pic to see how to make your own GLEE cookies -- but um, why does Mercedes have an afro???

1. Our own Ryan Dixon not only gave the best quote in a Wall Street Journal article about the legendary McDonald’s McRib (“It has a ghostly quality […] You don’t know when it will appear. It’s the girl who you are in love with who has always been a tease to you.”), he’ll also be talking about on NPR this Saturday for “All Things Considered,” so do tune in. For those of you who haven’t met Ryan IRL, he talks just like he writes. Don’t believe that’s even possible? Dudes, tune in…. []

2. A preview of the upcoming SWEET VALLEY HIGH sequel (drop date: April, 2011), which will feature the twins all grown up. Elizabeth and Jessica have fallen out because of an unnamed betrayal. I can tell myself I’m too grown to read this, but we all pretty much know that I’m going to be pre-ordering it on Amazon. Nostalgia is a hell of a drug, ya’ll. [Jezebel]

3. Apparently, 92% of babies have a social networking presence. My bigger question is about the 8% that don’t. I mean if a baby is born and you don’t post her or his picture on your blog or Facebook page, does that baby actually exist? [ValleyWag]

4. I likes me both some meat and some seafood, but I imagine this article from our own Kelli Bielema (“Fierce in Seattle”) about how to navigate being a vegetarian at a seafood restaurant might be very helpful to someone else. [Veg Out & About]

5. Chico and Rita, an animated (and romantic) film about Cuban jazz artists in the 50s, looks GORGEOUS. I might have to see this in the theater. [Release Date: Nov. 19]