Procrastinate on This! Friday Edition [Sept. 24, 2010]

I’m at Smith right now, doing a little bit of research and staging a mini writing retreat, so once again, no procrastination for me this week. But do feel free to help yourself when the boss isn’t looking.

1. I have always said that if I had to be an actor, I’d want to be a character actor. That way I could enjoy the craft and get paid well, w/o having to suffer through too much attention. So I found this essay by character actor Steve Tobolowsky (Glee, Groundhog Day) especially interesting. [NYT]

Soooo jealous that CH and I didn't do a geeky wedding invite. Ah well, there's always the 50th anniversary vow renewal. Meanwhile click on the pic for more geeky wedding invites!

2. I’ve already apologized to Betty profusely, because she’s genetically fated to have terrible eyes like both of her parents. But apparently, a revolutionary eye drop that prevents nearsightedness might be introduced into society soon, which would mean I apologized in advance for nothing. Whoa. [Gawker]

3. Speaking of the future, here’s an item about a $60,000 bionic finger out of Scotland. [LikeCool]

4. Struggling with dialogue? Check out these great tips! [Tayari Jones via Crystal Wilkinson]

5. I can’t decided whether I want to see this new Matt Damon/Clint Eastwood collabo, HEREAFTER. On one hand, I usually love Eastwood films. On the other, this seems just a bit schlocky. What say you?