Procrastinate on This! Friday Edition [Sept. 9, 2010]

I’ve got a ton to do before I head to DC next week for the first stop on my impromptu book tour (deets HERE), so I’ve sadly no time to get a good procrastination on. But please avail yourself of this big batch of procrastination in my stead.

Oh my, did I almost get out of here without a STAR WARS reference? Luckily these $55 bookends came through to save the PoT! Friday Edition. Click on the pic for more details. ~via LikeCool

1. I loved Author Tayari Jone’s idea for keeping a list of all the nice things folks say to and do for you as opposed to obsessing over the opposite. [Tayari Jones]

2. Sandman, my favorite comic book series of all time, might be made into a TV series. Please-oh-please don’t eff it up! [Topless Robot]

3. Though, I’ve mentioned before how done-to-death guys making fun of TWILIGHT is, I thought these Twilight “spark notes” were clever in places. Thanks to my nephew, Josh for passing this on. [The Spark Life Blog]

4. For about $3000-4000 dollars, you can have your loved ones cremated ashes turned into a vinyl record. Yes, seriously. [Boing Boing]

5. Is it wrong that my only response to the below send-up of “nerd cool” is, “Ooh, I want a polaroid app for my iPhone! Does that really exist?” Thanks to Gudrun Cram-Drach for sending this along.

Featured Image Credit: miyukimouse