Procrastinate on This: Friday Edition [Week 23 of 2011]

You know, I have have no idea what SUPER 8 is about other than a train derailment and a mysterious predator (from outer space?), but I’m excited to see it. Mainly, because I feel Kyle Chandler would want me to and I’ve watched a little too much FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS to abandon him now. But before I retire to a theater cave, let me hit you up with this extra big dose of procrastination.

IT MIGHT AS WELL BE SPRING, the sequel to ORANGE, MINT, AND HONEY is coming! Starting 7/4/11 you can download the first chapter for .99 at A Chapter a A chapter of the book will follow each month for approximately a year. Click on the book cover for full details.

1. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE should read this article on suntanning and sunscreen. Basically we all (even the darker PoC) need to avoid too much sun exposure, wear hats and cover ups if we’re going to be outdoors for a while, and wear sunscreen — though really SPF 15 will do for all shades. [i09]

2. If you haven’t had Korean bulgogi, I feel sad for you. Do yourself a favor and try this New York Times DIY backyard bulgogi┬árecipe post haste. If you’ve known the pleasure of bulgogi, then I’m sure you’ve either already printed out this recipe or are not even reading this sentence, because as soon as you read “DIY backyard bulgogi,” you skipped to the end and clicked on the link. [NYT]

3. RIGAMORTIS: A ZOMBIE LOVE STORY isn’t quite as good as DR. HORRIBLE, but it’s got the same low budget, great situations, musical spirit. Also, it’s a good 30 minutes worth of procrastination if you watch all three parts. [The Mary Sue]

4. FaN Blogger, Kelly Lett, gives us five (seriously good) tips on how to be a frugal dieter. [PerkStreet Financial]

5. Okay, THE TRIP, starring Steve Coogan and some other British comic I’ve never heard of is getting amazing reviews, despite the fact that 1) the British just aren’t as funny as Americans — sorry, but they just aren’t — and 2) as far as I can tell this is a film about two British comedians masturbating — that is to say that it looks way more than a tad self-indulgent. So here’s me committing to rent this later on just to see what all the hype was about.