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Procrastinate on This! From Africa to Gawker to Judge Fudge

Now guys, I don’t want to call myself a “hero” or anything. But despite having like the worse 24/7 morning sickness (which I rather nobly have barely mentioned), I’m doing my due diligence and making sure that you guys have plenty of non-work to keep you occupied for at least twenty minutes worth of procrastination.

You don’t have to kiss my ring or anything, just realize that I obviously love you. A lot.

1. Let’s start in Africa shall we? I have no place to wear them, yet I’m dying to own one of these super-expensive looking African-Inspired Japanese kimonos. Check out the entire collection here.

2. Let us make no mistake, I have no plans to see Ice Age 3. But I am impressed that they managed to squeeze yet another good teaser trailer out of their bad-luck, acorn-loving prehistoric squirrel. Check out the trailer here.

3. And if you haven’t been reading Gawker all week, they’ve been on fire: Apparently that Deep Impact NYC disaster scenario could really happen; like Ronald Regan, Obama might still be smoking; this is worst idea of the year; and this might just be the worst idea ever; practical tips for saving your money if you’re an out-and-abouter; can Obama pass an executive order for no more stupid obama stuff?; I will go see this movie and I will cry just like they want me to; best recession news ever if you hate on reality shows like I do; I don’t want my kid to dream of being a b-ball star, but I also don’t want her/im to dream of being a professional gamer; oh love, apparently gigolos are doing better than mistresses right now; and last but not least, meh!

4. Is it wrong (or legal) to want one of these?

[Source: Arbroath]

5. And after the jump, Judge Fudge another great Amy Robinson introduction. Excuse me, I have to go now, as I’m too busy being delicious.