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Procrastinate on This! Isn’t It Time For Some New Wallpaper?

I’ve been meaning to throw up some new wallpaper on my desktop computer for a while now. I usually alternate between Battlestar Galatica and Dr. Who, depending what’s on TV at the mo-mo. But since both shows have deserted me right now, I’ve decided to go with something a little different this time.

I found what I’ve dubbed this “panda-cat TV attenna wallpaper” on a post by Mirko Humpert, featuring “50 Stunning and Beautiful Desktop Wallpapers.” And I had a really hard time choosing just one of Mirko’s handpicked images, so I might have to rotate. Anyway, if you’re also looking for new wallpaper, click on the pic to see the full 50.


[Source: Something to Say via Six Revisions]