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Procrastinate on This: Jay-Z is a Big Fan of Breast-feeding and Screen-to-Stage Musicals

You know, March kind of sucks. I say this, b/c in most places it rains a lot. Also, there are no holidays whatsoever in March, save St. Patrick’s Day — and I can’t drink this year. I don’t want to call the month useless, but I am ready for it to be over and a bit sad that we’re only 13 days in. Anyway, here’s a bright spot. Some stuff to procrastinate on:


Comic artist Kevin Moore weighs in on the Chris Brown-Rihanna contro. Click on pic for full comic.

1. Wow, what do your music choices say about you? Apparently those who listen to classical, indie, the Beatles and U2 are above average. Those who listen to Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z and Beyonce are average or below-average. And those who listen to Lil Wayne are at the “rock bottom.” [Sun]

2. Future Moms: if you want to feel unsure and a little angry about breast-feeding and “the tyranny of the breast pump,”read this. [Jezebel]

3. Say good-bye to originality on Broadway. This is why one producer says that we’re seeing more and more screen-to-stage adaptations: Basically, audiences don’t want to pay to see original musicals — even though many of them are really, really good. [Producer’s Perspective]

4. Though I’m feeling all judgmental about the dearth of new musicals. I will totally go out of my way to see the upcoming Heathers: The Musical. Teenage suiciiiiide. Don’t do it! [The Hollywood Reporter]

5. Is no animal safe from Hollywood’s evil machinations? Introducing G-Force, a movie about super-agent gerbils. Only one female gerbil is on the team, and yes, she is super-sexualized — cue “Don’t You Wish Your Girlfried Was Hot Like Me?” — no really they use that song in the trailer. Because you’ve gotta teach girls that they’re only valued for their looks as early as possible. Thanks Disney.