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Procrastinate on This! Popularity Contests

Hey guys,

I, too, am back at work (as opposed to Bruges), so this week, I’m feeling your Friday 1pm pain even more profoundly than usual. But buck up, little cowpeople, these activities will help get you through:

1. Though obviously, we’re not about trying to be one of the popular kids over at Fierce and Nerdy, I do want to point your attention to our revamped “Most Popular Posts” section. Basically, we went from an “off all time” format, to a monthly format, so definitely check out what you’ve missed so far in November.

2. As many of you know, I feel that Silverlake is my “true neighborhood” — that is, the neighborhood that I want to live in more than any other in Los Angeles. However, if we ever have to or want to move to another big city, I love this Homethinking site, which allows you to compare neighborhoods. Apparently, if I ever have to move back to Pittsburgh, I should check out the Central Northside. Though, I would’ve recommended Squirrel Hill myself.

3. Another fact that many of you might know, is that I love Dance Dance Revolution more than almost anything else that I’m really not good at. So how happy was I when CH sent around this Theatermania piece about Dance Dance Revolution: The Musical going up in Ohio this December. And even more bizarrely, I went to CMU with Van Hansis, the kid that’s starring in it. If I hadn’t just come back from a wallet-busting trip to Belgium and London, I might just try to convince CH to go see this with me. Alas. But if you live in Ohio, definitely check it out and let me know how it is.

4. Now I usually try to post at least one trailer for Procrastinate on This! But this week, I was having trouble picking just one. If I were you, I’d just go over to Apple’s trailer page and check out all the upcoming movies trailers for myself. Nice way to blow at least 20 minutes. Especially intriguing: Heaven on Earth, Dear Zachary, Nobel Son, How About You?, Special, Marley & Me (though it makes me not want to get a dog), Not Easily Broken(b/c it’s a good, if sickening sweet, reminder to talk about whether you want kids BEFORE you get married); and the newest Pixar film, Up(which has a grumpy old man as the central character — seriously I sometimes wonder if the Pixar creative team sits around and comes up with main characters like silent robots and bugs and grumpy old men just to see if they can pull off the seemingly unmarketable.

5. Oh and speaking of trailers, if you’re as obsessed with the new Star Trek film as I am (raise your hand if you super duper miss having a Star Trek TV series), check out the trailer preview at Topless Robot.