Procrastinate on This! Remembering John Hughes

Since the original title of my upcoming book was A Molly Ringwald Ending, it might be easy to guess that I was a huge — I mean HUGE fan of the John Hughes movies of the 80s. And I was just extremely sad when CH emailed me yesterday with the news of his untimely passing, due to a heart attack. Therefore this week’s big Procrastinate on This! round-up will be dedicated to one of my favorite screenwriters of all time, Mr. John Hughes.

sixteen-candles-400ds06291. I am in full-agreement with this list of Top 5 John Hughes movies, but I might have given Some Kind of Wonderful an Honorable Mention. [Jezebel]

2. I loved this film-oriented obit of JH. [Defamer]

3. Oh man, sorry Molly Ringwald. As it turns out, Redheads have more pain — or fun if your a redheaded sado-masochist. [New York Times]

4. My favorite song from a John Hughes movie is “If You Were Here,” but this is my second favorite. Thanks to former co-worker, Lisa D for reminding me about it. [YouTube]

5. Sadly, I can’t find the ending of Sixteen Candles on YouTube in English, but here it is in Spanish. I think the teenage-girl wetdream wonderfulness of this ending still translates.