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Procrastinate on This: THE HANGOVER 2 [Monkey Business]

Remember how SEX AND THE CITY the movie came out, and everyone was like, “It’s so wonderful. Let’s make another one.” Then the producers were like, if the SATC girls were funny for all these years in America, think about how funny they’ll be in a foreign country, like say, Dubai. And then SATC 2 hit, and [record scratch] everyone was like, “Um, these characters are borderline racist and definitely culturally insensitive. This movie sucks.” I’m just bringing that up b/c THE HANGOVER 2 has the wolfpack partying in Thailand. Did we learn NOTHING from BRIDGET JONES DIARY 2? Seriously, do not follow a hit movie to a second (foreign) location. Anyway, here’s the trailer. Let us know what you think in the comments.