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Procrastinate on This! The Kool Thing About Simple Men

So I watched every single Hal Hartley movie that had been made before 2000 during my time in Japan. The Japanese really liked Hal Hartley and his movies had their own special section in my local video store, so I decided to give him a chance, even though I couldn’t read the back cover description, which was in Japanese.

I discovered a lot of awesome movies that way while in Japan and I now think everybody should try watching a bunch of movies without knowing what they’re about beforehand one of these days.

Anyway, when I saw this “Kool Thing” dance from Hartley’s Simple Men on clarkblog (brought to you by Clark from “Nerd Date”), I thought of Japan rather fondly. Also, I love Sonic Youth and even more so, Chuck D, who has a heavy influence on my 3rd novel, so this scene is basically a triumvirate of great things (Hartley, Sonic Youth, Chuck D) coming together + white people dancing badly, which I just never grow tired of watching for some reason.