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Procrastinate on This! The New Yeah-Yeah-Yeahs

So one of my biggest disappointments of the last week has been the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, It’s Blitz!. At first I thought that maybe my expectations had been too high, but upon further listens, I realize, no it isn’t me, it’s the seriously underwhelming music. Take for instance, their first single, “Zero.” It’s basically a U2 song. Seriously, if they had sold the track to Bono instead of recording it themselves, U2 would’ve had a world wide hit, and one kind of wishes it had gone down that way, since “Get Your Boots On” is just wretched.

Still, I love the studded (pleather?) jacket that lead singer Karen O wears in this vid, and I want one terribly. Except mine, of course, would have “etc” written on the back as opposed to “KO” — though funny that we both possess initials that stand for other words. Does that make me cooler than I thought I was? Sadly, no. But check out this Boston Globe review, which I think sums up nicely everything that’s wrong with the new album.