Procrastinate on This: Valentine’s Day Weekend Edition [February 11, 2011]

Valentine’s Day is on a Monday this year, but we’re assuming that you’ll all be celebrating or lamenting this weekend, so here’s a special edition of PoT filled with both pro and anti Valentine’s stuff for you, b/c we’ve drank both the kool-aid and haterade here at Fierce and Nerdy.

Click on the flowchart to see who you'll be spending Valentine's Day with. ~via College Humor

1. Sixteen authors talk about how to write sex-ay sex scenes, including our dear co-editor, Ernessa T. Carter, who writes awesome sex scenes, and who totally didn’t tell me to say that. [Girlfriends Book Club]

2. This round-up of the Valentine’s Day “types” that populate every American office is dead-on true. Being a writer, I know my way around a dead-end office job and I’ve met every single person on this list. [Witches Brew]

3. So how exactly did people date before the internet? Cue the fascinating tale of two rival dating services launched at Harvard. It’s like the Facebook story, but with dating, and you know, way earlier. [Jezebel]

4. Apparently, divorce rates go up 40% around Valentines Day.  So you know, no pressure while you’re picking out a V-day present for your husband or wife. [NY Post]

5. So, I was going to feature the trailer for the Russell Brand ARTHUR remake, b/c the original was a romantic comedy, but this version looks a lot less romantic … unless Brand’s going to get it on w/ Helen Mirren — which now that I think of it, I would definitely pay money to see that. Anyway, here’s the trailer. And I put the trailer from the original movie below that, so that you can compare. Though warning, Dudley Moore’s hyena laugh is even worse than you remember.

Here’s the remake:

And here’s the original, which I remember liking, but that might have been because I was six. All the adults who made this movie a hit back then have no excuse tho. Seriously, what were they thinking?

mood photo credit: lightsoutfilms