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Procrastinate on This! Wedding Cash, Hanging Ties, and Simpson Stamps

Seriously, do not visit if you don't want to fall into thralls of complete cool geek lust. Seriously, I almost bought this $15 tie for CH, and he doesn't ever wear ties or go into an office. It's just that cool. Click on pic for more info.

Do not visit unless you want to fall into complete cool geek lust. I almost bought this $15 tie for CH, and he doesn't ever wear ties or go into an office! Click on pic for more info.

Seriously, I don’t think any of you are still in the office at this point between Passover and Easter, but just in case your overlings are making you clock office time, do feel free to procrastinate on this:

1. Guys, I went back and forth with myself about whether to even mention this, it’s so gross. But some of you like being completely, lose-your-lunch grossed out. If you’re one of those readers, feel free to click on the following link for the now infamous placenta panini and spaghetti sauce. All I have to say is eww, eww, ewwwww! [MomLogic]

2. If I were Stevie Nicks, I’d be all “Hell Naw!” at the prospect of Lindsey Lohan playing me, too. She actually says “Over my dead body” — but that’s just white lady for “Hell Naw!” [New York Times]

3.Two words that ought to make your day even if you have a ton of bills to put in the mail: Simpsons Stamps. Yea! [USPS]

4. Apparently, more and more to-be-marrieds are asking their wedding guests for straight up cash these days. Gotta pay off this car loan, yo! [Jezebel]

5. How cool is this French new-wave retake on 8 Mile? And apparently the geniuses behind it have done the same thing with Die Hard and 24. Here’s me completely geeking out. [Gawker]