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Reading the Last Page [Oh, It’s Tuesday]

The one reading sin that I absolutely can’t stand is reading the last page. It didn’t occur to me that so many people do this until I actually caught more than one random reader reading the last page of a just-about-to-be-purchased copy of 32 CANDLES. Anyone who’s read 32 CANDLES knows that it’s not nearly as good of a read if you read the last page first. If I’d had my druthers about me, I would have asked these readers why they chose to ruin books for themselves. Were they afraid that they wouldn’t like the ending? Do they have trust issues when it comes to novels? I wanted to know what books had hurt them so bad that they felt the need to spoil the endings of all future books that came after them.

This last page issue bothers me so bad, that I made my prologue my epilogue for the second novel, just so readers would have to work super hard if they wanted to spoil the ending for themselves.

But how about you? Do you read the last page of a book before buying it? If so, please tell me why oh why in the comments.

featured image credit: wikicommons