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Sew Girly: Pajama Drama


A guest blogumn by Janice Zeller Ryan

[Editor’s Note: Delia’s Chic Geek will be back in this spot in two weeks. Until then please show our guest blogger, stylista, and Friend of FaN, Janice, tons of love]

I normally don’t like to boast that I am better than my friends at something, but I think they would all agree that I have the art of napping and lounging mastered.  In college, my roommate and I would cut class on a blustery winter afternoon and take blissfully long naps.  On the occasions that I actually did make it to class, I loved racing back to my dorm afterwards and throwing on my comfy lounging clothes.  During my 20’s, in an effort to wear my PJ’s even MORE hours of the day, I threw many “ Movie & Jammies Nights” (though I was often the only one actually wearing pj’s).

Now that I am an adult I still LOVE naps, but they have become fewer and far between.  My passion for PJ’s has not diminished, though, and the first thing I do after walking through my door (much to my husband’s amusement) is throw on my comfiest duds.

Although I love to be comfortable, I do not want to look slobbish when the cutie from the pizza parlor comes to the door. I would also like my husband to still be attracted to me, so a stained, over-sized Pearl Jam t-shirt and baggy sweats with elastic at the ankle are a definite fashion don’t.

The key to looking irresistibly adorable, yet comfy, is to find PJ’s that fit properly and don’t add too much bulk. If you wear a pair of baggy flannel pants, pair them with a body-hugging tank or henley.  A long-sleeved PJ set should be fitted enough that it hangs properly from your shoulders, so you don’t get lost in it. I also love to pair my PJ’s with a drapey wool cardigan, instead of a heavy bathrobe.  Think flowy and body skimming, not bulky and over-sized.

Also, have fun with your comfy duds.  You are in the safety of your own home, so you can mix plaids and polka dots, go wild with color, or break out those Wonder-Woman underoos.  Whatever you do, though, do NOT wear your Union Suit and Uggs to Trader Joes’s.

After the jump, here are a few of my picks for fun sleepy-time items (you can ship the Hello Kitty footie pajamas directly to my home address):

a. RIP Eye Mask: $11
b. Hanes Classics Ribbed Tank: $6
c. D’lish Sleepshirt: $26.35
d. P.J. Salvage Sundance Flannel P.J’s: $70
e. Nick & Nora Sock Monkey PJ’s: $16.99
f. BedHead Coral Ming PJ: $133
g. Hello Kitty Footie Pajama: $49.95
h. Haute Hippie Racerback Long Johns: $175
i. Victoria’s Secret Long Jane Pajamas: $39.50
j. Covet Ribbed Cardigan: $120
k. Free Float Sleep Pants: $48
l. Haflinger Sheep Slipper: $66.95
m. P.J. Salvage Argyle Cable Slipper Sock: $45
n. BedHead Magenta Ming Slippers: $72
o. J. Crew Fireside Slipper Socks: $59.99 
p. Crochet Slippers: $40
q. Hetta Mukluks: $38
r. Leather Scruff Slippers: $70 
s. J. Crew striped ballet slipper: $19.99