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Single White Nerd: Wherefore Art Thou Creepy?

a blogumn my Michael Kass


Image Credit: kirstyfull
Image Credit: kirstyfull

A brief one today, friends.  More in the nature of a question than a meditation on single nerdom.  And here it is:


You know the guy in the bar who hits on a woman, gets the brush off, and then hangs around?  The one who stands behind his prey and pretends to check the messages on his cell phone.  Or affects an intense interest in a piece of art on the wall nearby.  The one who keeps approaching over and over despite an obvious lack of interest and the intervention of the would-be-prey’s friends.


That guy.  You know him?


Why does he do that?  Does he think that it’s charming?  That maybe she didn’t mean it when she said “I’m going to stand over there now?”  That if he hangs around long enough, she’ll get frustrated and haul him off to the bathroom to have sex?


I had a run-in with one of these guys over the weekend.  Granted, it gave me the opportunity to be a hero and swoop in to rescue the damsel in distress.  I got a kiss on the cheek for my efforts.  And that was neat.  But still:  creepy.


So, I turn the question to you:  What’s up with the creepy guy who does that?


Let me know so I can be smarter.  And so I can avoid turning into him.