Stay-At-Home Nerd: Suck on This Nov11

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Stay-At-Home Nerd: Suck on This

Babies suck.  A lot.  Anything they can get their grubby little hands on will end up in their mouths.  Left your old tennies out?  Consider them sucked.  Shoelaces?  Sucked.  Old bag of potato chips?  The same. It really doesn’t matter what it is they will suck on it.  Someone told me that until they are like two or something their mouths are their hands.  I don’t know what that means other than that almost everything I own is wet.

Ordinarily this isn’t a problem.  No one and I mean no one cares if the bottom of your shoe has recently been licked.  However, my cell phone and more importantly my cell phone provider (Verizon) do care.  It seems that on the back of my droid (yes I got one) there is a little indicator that turns pink and then red when my phone suffers unusual water damage.  No, I didn’t drop it in a fish tank.  Although, that would be a good story.  What happened was that my son took an interest to it and in a moment of desperation (you know babies cry and shit) I gave him my phone.  That calmed him.  No harm no foul.

Well apparently there was some harm.  I can receive texts, but it might take me upwards of twenty minutes to respond.  The keyboard no longer works, nor does the word fix.  If you get a text from me that reads Pssfftrrtyo then just know I tried my best.  That’s not the only problem of course.  I can’t turn my phone off which leads to a dead battery every four hours or so.  I also can’t send emails because my send button doesn’t work.  I’m not complaining.  At the time I gave him the phone I needed the break.  I just wish I had thought of my waterproof camera sooner.

Today’s weight: 297 lbs.

featured image credit: Brandon Doran