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Tall Drink of Nerd: I Love Poop Bags


A blogumn by Amy Robinson

Advice and observations from a somewhat tall nerd

If you share your home with an animal that poops, you’ll love Poop Bags too.  I’m here to tell ya, cat poop has consequences!

One of my lesser of the “living green” New Years resolutions, was to stop flushing cat crap down the toilet.  Did you know that the immense amount of cat poop flushed into our water supplies leading to the ocean leads to a rise in encephalitis in the Sea Otter population?  Apparently the toxic bacteria in cat turds gets into the ocean water then enlarges the hearts of the little sea creatures, eventually killing them.  I currently share my home with 3 cats, so I face a lot of poop challenges.  I definitely don’t want to be responsible for killing sea otters.  They’re cute and entertaining and not for human consumption.

With the lives of little Whisker-faced ocean critters weighing on my very soul, I swore, no more lazy flushing for me!  I started using old grocery bags to carry the crap out to the dumpster, but that didn’t seem too friendly to the environment either.  I turned to our old friend Google for a solution and up popped — biodegradable bags for dog owners to carry on walks for poop disposal, but they work just as well for the scoop and dump of daily kitty clean up.  So now every one is happy, the cats are happy, the earth is happy, I’ve kept my resolution and scores of happy sea otters can frolic in the sunset with disease free hearts.


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