Tall Drink of Nerd: Lappy Come Home Apr20

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Tall Drink of Nerd: Lappy Come Home


a blogumn by Amy Robinson

With a sigh of relief, I’m writing to you this week from my new-to-me Mac Laptop.  My legs are warming nicely and I’m slumping into my couch while Stephanopoulos grills Boehner.  It’s amazing how addicted I am to technology.

catmaclaptopIf you had asked me at the beginning of the year, what would you grab if your house were on fire and you had to get out in 2 minutes?  I would have responded immediately with, Lappy, the Mac Titanium laptop.  After my cats and my hubby, the laptop would have been the first non-living thing on top of the list.  Ole Lappy contained decades of pictures, scanned and stored.  It held all types and manner of drafts of writing I’ve done, an iTunes Library built up over the last 5 years and passwords, spreadsheets and assorted necessities that we’re tracked since Lappy came into our lives in August of ’04.

Then some jerks broke into my home and stole the laptop.  It was Friday, February 13th, the day before Valentines Day, not cool.  Some punk kids (we think) broke in and took the new Wii and iPod Nano I had given Seen for his birthday 2 weeks before.  They stole some video games, the PS3 that had been our Christmas present to each other and then the idiots went into my office and took my friggin laptop.

Now, Lappy was old and didn’t quite work right.  I’d dropped her on the floor one too many times so the case was cracked, the DVD drive didn’t work anymore and the power source needed serious finagling just to plug in.  I’m sure they didn’t get much money for her. I kept wishing they would just say ‘oh this is broken’ and toss her back onto my front lawn.  You can probably guess that didn’t happen.

The worst part people, and let this be a cautionary tale to all of you; I hadn’t backed up the hard drive since June of last year.  8 months of work and pictures and videos were gone. Every couple of hours after the burglary, I would think of another thing totally lost, music, videos, picture, workshop notes. That bit made me a tad crazy.

After ole Lappy was gone, I understood how spoiled I really am.  We moved a desktop computer into my office.  I felt trapped at the desk.  The muse waved at me from outside the office door, but she sure didn’t come in.  Honestly, I wasn’t always this way. I remember life before computers.  As late as last year, I was writing exclusively in spiral notebooks, transferring stuff over at the end of the day.  Technology is an evil and useful temptress.  God help me if I ever get an iPhone, I would totally be toast.

So I’m moving on, with new Lappy.  I can write on the couch again, the way Temptress Technology intended.  The CD drive doesn’t work on this laptop either. I wonder if someway, somehow, ole Lappy found her way home to me.  I should really back her up.


flickr.com photo credit: Hyun Lee