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Technically Geeking: I Sing the (Auto) Body Electric

a blogumn by Justin Time


Since etc and CH bought a new car, it seems only fitting that I bring it back to electric cars this week. Lately, I’ve been drooling over early Porsches, as the ultimate sports car, they have an important place in my heart. Even though restoring an old car is a form of recycling, the emissions and crude oil consumption aspect is in sharp contrast to the future of automobiles that I want to see. Many industrious Porsche owners have converted their old cars to electric, like this one, but it’s expensive and labor intensive.

A new electric car would be a dream come true – brand new parts, a warranty, and mechanics to handle the trouble spots – but how much longer do I have to wait?! Here are some things to look forward to in the next couple years:

1. Mini Cooper is already testing electric cars here in LA – why didn’t they pick me? Here’s a review.

2. Honda just showed off the EV-N (pictured), aka the┬ámost adorable concept car ever, at the Tokyo auto show. If you are more inclined to 2-wheel transport and a lower budget, they are also planning an electric version of the best selling Moped ever – the Honda Cub.

3. Nissan is showing off the Leaf this weekend in Santa Monica and Glendale. You can be sure I’ll be there to check it out.

These should all be cheaper alternatives to the Tesla Model S that I’ve mentioned before.

Let me know if I’m missing any other good ones. Me Want Electric Car!