The Betty Experience: Tulip is Exhausted

Trying to watch the 4th season of “Weeds” but so far have been interrupted by a couple of family calls, asking when and how the baby will be coming.

Apparently no one in my family reads my blog, which makes me wonder about what new-fangled media Betty’s gen will come up with and if I’ll be cool enough to embrace it.

My sister, who like Betty is a Cancer, not only doesn’t read my blog but also refuses to check her non-work email on anything but a m/b weekly basis. Again, I’m little concerned that Betty is just going to be really stubborn. But we’ll see.

Also, CH and I are arguing about whether one can really find Shasta for sale in California as claimed in “Weeds.” He says you can, but I’ve never seen it. This also makes me wonder if Vess is still around.

T – ~5 hours til I report to the hospital

All this baby talk has poor Tulip exhausted: