The Bottle Boys: They Play Your Favorite Songs – on Bottles [Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Mar29

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The Bottle Boys: They Play Your Favorite Songs – on Bottles [Kicking Back with Jersey Joe]

Direct from Denmark to you! The Bottle Boys are taking the hottest songs and performing them their way – with only bottles as musical instruments. The results are some striking tunes that you simply must hear!

The five performers from Copenhagen, Denmark, each use a different type of bottle and style to produce a particular musical sound.

Christopher Bogár – Chords

Philipp Brodersen – Melody

Johannes Ettrup – Melody

Kaspar Frederiksen – Bass

Martin B. Handberg – Percussion

Some of the bottles are filled with water and played as pipes to give a piano/keyboard effect while others are simply plastic that you would recycle at home that gets hit for a  percussion beat.

The Bottle Boys have become a hit around the globe, with a growing fan base in the United States, thanks to their performances on Youtube. Their videos have hundreds of thousands of views. The more people that subscribe to their channel, the more performances they promise to upload.

Their songs range from Top 40 to movie themes and are often staged out in public on city streets. They have toured around the globe, including a few stops in the US.

They first began uploading their videos to Youtube in 2007.


THE 411

Name: The Bottle Boys
What: musical group
Location: Denmark
Facebook page:
Twitter feed: @TheBottleBoys


They’ve uploaded a bunch of performance videos on Youtube and I first found them as a Youtube suggestion on the home page.  Take a listen – it’s really worth it.

Hopefully, these guys will be making some more stops in the United States, soon.  I would love to see them in New York City or Las Vegas!  Their performances remind me of a more local or real Blue Man Group minus the flash.

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