The Fiercest Nerds on the Block: Week of February 23-26


Hey guys, as promised,  a new “Best Of” comments feature after the jump.  Let me know if you like it, b/c it takes a little while to put together, so if you guys don’t love it, I’m dumping it. Just keepin’ it real … lazy.

As you’ll see, I tend to have trouble picking just one, so a lot of you are featured. Also, I love good advice, so definitely keep that coming in future comments.

Your Loving Editor,


Monday’s Best Comment re: Fierce in Seattle: Too Much Magic Bus, in which Kelli Bielema breaks down the joys (hands-free commute, convenient) and annoyances (tons of crazies, icky smells) of riding Seattle’s public transportation.

Tricia: I can’t remember where I read this, but here’s a bus riding tip. Sit in the middle. The talkative crazies sit in the front and the for real crazies sit in the back!

Tuesday’s Best Comments re: If You Ask Me: Single Ladies Put A Grill On It, in which Travis Randall advises strongly against marrying a man that can’t BBQ. I fear his warning might have come to late for a few of our bloggers.

Debra G from “NewlyNested”: Oh no! I’m in trouble. I’m the one who BBQ. My husband is clueless. Although he schooled me on how to clean a grill.

Delia from “Chic Geek”: I think I am also in trouble… my boyfriend is terrible with a grill! He’ll clean the shit out of our apartment, but its on me to put a flame under the pork tenderloin…

Wednesday’s Best Comments re: Notes From A Nester: A Most Unusual Nester, in which Debra Barlow asked for advice on how to keep her nest organized and free of receipt and bill pile-up.

Di: Real Simple has GREAT tips for cleaning and organizing. Here’s their checklist for a quick and easy way to keep your house clean:… It totally works when you do it, which I often don’t. And here is their section on organizing:… I haven’t looked at it in depth, but bound to be something useful there. Also, personally, I find a little letter organizer thingy (I can’t find a single page pic of it, so look for Eldon (Rubbermaid) Wire Letter Holder on this page: is useful — when you pick up the mail, throw away the junk and put bills/things to be dealt with in the organizer-thingy. That really helped me not lose bills,and I got mine at Staples for $5.

Delia from “Chic Geek”: As far as statements and such, I keep all my bank statements online, and once a month I print it out, highlight anything I can deduct at the end of the year, put a note next to each transaction for that section of taxes (business meal, travel, gift, entertainment, research, etc.) punch holes and put it in a binder. Anything else pertaining to taxes ( Cash receipts, pay stubs, etc. ) goes into a small lidded box labeled “taxes” or if its big enough, i punch holes and put it in the binder. It only took me a few hours today to do my taxes b/c everything I need is in the binder or the box. When I’m done filing, I tape everything in the box to white paper and put it in the binder with a copy of my taxes. It gets a date label and then its put away with the other years in my cabinet and the game starts all over again…. if I ever get audited, all I have to do is grab my binder, freak out a little and go fight!

Thursday’s Best Comments re: File This Under: Icky! Icky! Eww! in which I talk about a new patent for a balloon that allow woman to practice giving birth. Apparently, none of our readers would actually do this. Like Ever.

Janice Z: Gross!!! Just do your Kegels

Amanda K: no way would i put that thing in my ‘gine’ when i was pregs. you KNOW it was a man that invented this torture device!! horrifying!!

Nicole B: O.M.G. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. This is just a dumb idea in general. Contractions are what help push the baby out so without them, it’s a pointless exercise. I also don’t know any doctor that would encourage or want their patients to do this. It’s just all kinds of wrong.

Sallie: wow… nasty. and what if it pops?

Well said, my friends! Looking forward to seeing what you have to say next week.