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The Muppets Movies [Oh, It’s Tuesday]

I was especially happy to see the below trailer for the upcoming Jason Segel-penned muppets movie on the Facebook page of FaN blogger, Michael Kass, yesterday. Not just because I love Jason Segel — no most of my happiness stemmed from the fact that I can’t remember  a time when I didn’t love the muppets. As long as I’ve had long-term memory, they’ve been there for me to love.

However, there is a stain on my muppet love. I’ve only walked out of two movies in my entire life, and alas the first of those movies was the original muppet movie, titled appropriately enough, THE MUPPET MOVIE. But unlike with TROY, I didn’t walk out of this movie on purpose, wondering how a film that expensive could be both exceedingly bad and extremely boring. In the case, of THE MUPPET MOVIE, I walked out — or rather was carried out — because I couldn’t sit still or quietly, and after several warnings, my mother was done with me.

I can still remember the glum look on my perfectly behaved little sister’s face as my mother explained to us that we would both have to miss out on the rest of the movie, because I was acting a fool. I never did see the ending of that original muppet movie, but I’ve seen every other muppet movie since. In the theater. Call it my theatrical penace. Except now that I’m a mother and therefore absolved of all my childhood tomfoolery, it’s no longer a guilty but a happy penance.

That was actually the first and last movie I ever had to be carried out of. After that, my mother had only to invoke THE MUPPET MOVIE Carry Out to turn me into the perfect movie-going child.

But of course this all brings us back to you. Have you ever been carried out of a movie? Which one? And as long as we’re on the subject, let us know the last movie you walked out on. It took so much for me to walk out on TROY, I always wonder how people make the decision with other films.

Oh, and here’s that new muppet movie trailer. As you’ll see, I’ve hugely spoiled the “gotcha” misdirected opening, but you know … them’s the breaks of reading a nerd blog.