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The Twelve Game Shows Of Christmas, Part II [Kicking Back With Jersey Joe]

Last week, we took a look at the first six of the twelve game shows of Christmas.  We marveled at the Kmart decorations, we laughed at the holiday antics, and were ready to light up a Yule log while watching Debra Jo Rupp climb the Pyramid. Now, let’s complete the dozen with the final six best Christmas game show moments. Here’s how your favorite game shows celebrate the season…

Pat Sajak spins the wheel every night on your TV, but he wasn’t the first host of Wheel of Fortune.  Here’s a clip of former host Chuck Woolery on a special Christmas episode.  Check out the old shopping round and marvel at what the contestant buys!

The tinsel around the puzzle board – tacky, yet memorizing at the same time!

Now, it’s the ho ho hotline with Santa!  Check out this 1990 episode of To Tell the Truth hosted by former Pittsburgh Steeler Lynn Swan!

I have no idea who some of the celebrities on the panel are, but the ones involved with the Santa reveal was fun!  Think that number is still valid?

Why is Bob Eubanks crying?  It’s because the Christmas Eve 1974 edition of The Newlywed Game was the series finale.  The show would return, and so would Bob, a few years later, but Bob got the ultimate gift that year – a pink slip.

Let’s roll the dice!  Can this woman, who won’t shut up, clear the board to win $10,000 on this Christmas edition of High Rollers?  It’s Vegas gone television with giant dice!

They really should bring that show back!

Let’s rock back to 1969 and this black and white kinescope of the TV hit, Concentration.  They went all out to bring in kids from around the world and really trimmed up the set.

Hey, did you hear?  Santa won that episode!

Lastly, Alex Trebek was a busy man in the 80’s.  Get ready as he rolls out a special Christmas episode of Classic Concentration!

I love how they wrapped up the set in one big bow.  We all could have done without the super close up of the model’s chest freckles while showing the diamond necklace, however!

So, there they are – the twelve games of Christmas!

THE 411

What: special Christmas themed game shows

Aired: These specific episodes aired in 1969, 1974, 1980, 1988, 1990, and 2003


Grab the family this holiday and DVR your favorite game shows gone Christmas this year.  The Price is Right and Let’s Make a Deal are solid winners as always.

NBC is bringing Fear Factor back to the air on December 12 and are also running a special one week game show; Who’s Still Standing hosted by Cash Cab’s Ben Bailey.  You’ve seen this one before, however.  It was originally brought to the US as Russian Roulette that aired in the early 2000’s on The Game Show Network.  At least we should get through the season without another holiday edition of Minute to Win It… that was just bad TV.

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