The Weekly Habit: Reading in Bed

So how did making your beds go? Though, I had read somewhere that a minority percentage of we Americans make our bed every morning, it seems that many of our readers already do. And their effusive praise for the making of one’s bed helped me stick to this habit for one full week, even though there were mornings that I woke up both rushed and exhausted. I never got to the optional mints portion of last week’s habit, but I did like coming home to a made bed. And funnily enough, it actually helped me get more work done, because I didn’t want to unmake the bed until I was ready to go to sleep. Hence, no more “I’ll just lie down for 5 minutes” — only to wake up hours later.

Consider this habit KEPT.

This week’s habit was inspired by Howard Leder’s “Belly of the Whale” blogumn from last week. Basically there are people that believe that our hours of internet surfing are actually changing the way we process information and making it more difficult for us to concentrate on reading.

As a former at-least-two-book-a-weeker, this makes me sad for all of us. So this week’s modest proposal is that we all take 20 minutes out of our busy days and read a book. I know finding 20 minutes seems hard, but it is definitely doable. I waste at least 20 minutes a day, obsessively pouring over our FaN Google Analytics — a bad habit that I’ve forsworn in order to make time for this new habit.

I’ve posted my top recommendations for good reads in Sidebar 2. Some other suggestions for other fierce and nerdy books: Garden Spells and Freakonomics. I realize that I’m low on suggestions in nonfiction and some other kinds of literature, so if you have some further recommendations for good reads, please post them in the comments.

Book Habit Guidelines after the jump:

This Week’s Habit:
Read a book for 20 minutes every day

What You’ll Need:
A book. See sidebar 2 and comments for suggestions, but you probably already have one that you’ve been meaning to read on your shelf, right?

Start Date:
Tuesday, September 16th

End Date:
Monday, September 22nd

Further Suggestion:
Don’t be afraid to cart your book around with you. Chances are that you’ll be kept waiting for something or someone this week, so you might as well enjoy yourself while you wait.


Photo Credit: Gudrun Cram-Drach