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The Weekly Habit: Rediscovering the Backstroke

So following-through was a very interesting experiment, in that I thought it would be pretty straightforward, but it was actually really difficult.

First of all, I don’t quite have the patience levels to perform this experiment perfectly. Things like booting up my computer and waiting for pages to download were constant challenges on my patience.

Furthermore talking on the phone and not doing in anything else was ridiculously hard. And iPhone’s are not exactly built for this sort of thing. Having to choose between either playing on my iPhone or talking to another human being — but not both at the same time — was perhaps the biggest obstacle to follow-through.

Also, I still have about two more days to go on my novel. So though this habit hasn’t exactly been kept. I want to keep it, because the quality of my phone calls and interactions have been better than ever this week. Seriously, I had a three hour conversation with my best friend, found myself actually listening closely to what people had to say, and even interacting better with my boss, just because I chose to do one thing at a time. I recommend this experiment for everyone. So consider this habit In the Process of Getting Kept.

But moving on to this week’s habit, which I blame on CH’s sister and mom. After 4 days of gorging myself silly on their wonderful food, I’ve decided that it’s time to actually start exercising. Though I usually put a moratorium on exercising during the holiday season, all of the pregnancy books and websites recommend it and you know, pre-natal health and all of that blah, blah, blah.

Unfortunately, my beloved Dance Dance Revolution involves more jumping than is strictly recommended for pregnant women. Most everything suggests that I take up swimming and/or walking. So I’m opting for swimming, since walking is boring and not fun when you live in a super-hilly neighborhood like I do.

So if you see a black woman with a developing tummy swimming at your 24 Hour Fitness this week. That’s probably me. Hopefully my swimsuit still fits…


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