This Ain’t No Clip Show: Jersey Joe’s Year One Rewind [Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] May27

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This Ain’t No Clip Show: Jersey Joe’s Year One Rewind [Kicking Back with Jersey Joe]

It’s been a full year since I’ve officially been writing my own blogumn here on FaN.  With this being Memorial Day weekend, I thought it would be a good idea to catch up on the topics I’ve written about.  Let’s see what’s changed in a year’s time.

MAY 31, 2010


In my first official blogumn I took a look at one of the greatest slot machines ever created; The Star Trek Slot machine.  This advanced machine allows players to earn medals which will unlock new games, even in different casinos.

The machines were once front and center on the casino floor.  With their bright colors and video clips – they certainly generate excitement.  However, a year later most have lost their prime real estate.  While still available in most casinos, they have been moved further back to make room for the new Lord of the Rings machines that use the same design.

Hopefully, WMS gaming continues to create new episodes and levels to unlock on these machines.  They recently introduced two new episodes, Live Long and Prosper and Mirror, Mirror.

These slot machines still seem quite popular and I do have to wait at times to get on one.  A new multi-player version is set to be released this year, which will have two machines placed under a large screen with both players going into the bonus round to win cash!

JUNE 6, 2010


Burger King introduced BBQ ribs to their fast food menu last summer as a new upscale item.  The ribs (more like riblets) took a long time to cook and were difficult to prepare.  While being just OK taste wise – they very quickly sold out.  Since then, BK has removed the item from their menu with no current plans to return.  They are generally considered a failure.

JUNE 21, 2010


Image Credit: DonkeyHotey

Oprah Winfrey just wrapped up her famous Oprah Winfrey Show, but started gearing up last year for the launch of her cable network OWN (The Oprah Winfrey Network.)

As part of the launch, she created a contest which would allow the winner to have their own show on the network.  The contest evolved into a series, Your OWN Show.  The two winners Rollin’ Around the World with Zack Anner and Kristina’s Fearless Kitchen, both received pilot deals from the channel, $100,000, and a Chevrolet Equinox.

OWN officially launched on January 1, 2011, replacing The Discovery Health Channel.  The channel has not scored the ratings it hoped.  Oprah recently finished her broadcast show, and she will now focus more time on her channel and will continue to launch new programs.

Right now, their highest rated show is Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes.  This series will wrap this summer, having followed all the behind the scenes happenings during her syndicated show’s final season.

JULY 9, 2010


Linda McMahon, wife of World Wrestling Entertainment’s Vince McMahon, made a run for the New York State Senate.  As part of her campaign, the WWE toned down the violence and spun the sport as more of a family oriented entertainment show.

Even though Linda lost the election that November, the WWE still continues to keep the violence toned down.  Although sales were up, this year’s Wrestlemania XXVII, the company’s signature Pay Per View event was the least exciting ever.  The Rock made a triumphant return but Snooki from Jersey Shore just got in the way.  How low have they sunk when they had to bring in Snooki?

JULY 16, 2010


The Tony and Grammy-Award winning rock musical opened April 20, 2010 and was a major success.  Green Day’s guitarist, Billie Joe Armstrong took over one of the lead roles in the show.  After 422 performances, the show closed on April 24, 2011 and will go on a national tour this fall.

AUGUST 13, 2010


Last summer, McDonald’s added fruit and yogurt smoothies to their expanding McCafe drink menu.  The items were a success and they’ve continued to expand the line.

First, McDonald’s milkshakes underwent an upgrade by adding whipped cream and a cherry.  This month, they officially launched a frozen lemonade drink for the summer.  The lemonade can also be made with a splash of the strawberry syrup used in their smoothies.

While the new drinks are quite good, it has come at the sacrifice of service.  McDonald’s is known for fast food and speedy service, but now the cashier has to stop every order and walk away to prepare the novelty drinks.  That is leaving long lines and frustrated customers waiting.  Instead of the next customer being able to step up and order, they have to wait until the cashier serves a drink.

McDonald’s is known for hamburgers, but with the new line of drinks they are trying to go upscale like Starbucks.  While they are making money on the new drinks, the new model is making for longer lines.

Last week, I waited 20 minutes at a New York McDonald’s before I left, because the cashier was too busy making drinks.  Lots of customers in front of me were complaining about the same slow service.  This was not a one time incident.  Note to McDonald’s corporate: either have one dedicated employee making the novelty drinks – or drop the line completely.  It doesn’t work to stop the ordering process while the cashier makes a drink, especially during the busy lunch hours!

OCTOBER 1, 2010


Burger King’s spinoff, The Whopper Bar had added a gigantic New York Pizza Burger to their menu.  The giant sandwich was made from several Whopper patties and is meant to be shared.  This item was a whopper on the waistline, as well as a Whopper to prepare.  Over the winter, it was quietly removed from the menu.  BK is rumored to rolling out more of their Whopper Bar sandwiches to all restaurants later this year.  First up will be the California Whopper.

OCTOBER 22, 2010


After finally complaining to Verizon how my land line phone bill was creeping up and up, they enrolled me into a new plan that drastically lowered my bill.

Since then Comcast, my local cable TV service, offered a better bundle plan with TV, internet, and phone – that came at a lower cost than Verizon’s.  I therefore dropped my Verizon home phone and added it to my cable bundle.  Total savings: about $20 more a month.  When Verizon comes back with a better offer (attention FiOS marketing department) – I’ll switch back.

NOVEMBER 5, 2010


I had the opportunity to attend a preview of Pee Wee Herman’s live stage version of his classic Pee Wee’s Playhouse television show brought to the Broadway stage.  While now formatted for adults, a performance was recorded by HBO and aired on the premium cable network after the Broadway run closed a few months after I wrote this post.

DECEMBER 17, 2010


For the holidays, a kind hearted construction worker coated the new One World Trade Center (still under construction at Ground Zero in New York) with colored cellophane to resemble a Christmas tree.

With the US finally hunting down and killing terror leader, Osama Bin Laden, celebrations immediately broke out at the WTC site.  Thousands flocked to the area after the news broke.  As part of the festivities workers again wrapped the building in cellophane – this time in red, white, and blue.  The building continues to grow and much of the glass exterior is now installed.

JANUARY 8, 2011


After actor Christopher Tierney was seriously injured at the December performance I had attended, he made a full recovery and returned to rehearsals on April 25th.  The show was closed for several weeks in May for major retooling and reopened to previews on May 12th with the official opening now scheduled for June 14th.

New commercials airing in New York proclaim the changes as a “reimagining.”

JANUARY 15, 2011


Another attempt to revamp Burger King’s menu has given us the Jalapeno Cheddar Stuffed Steakhouse Burger.  The addition to the menu has seen sales strong enough to keep it available as a regular item.  Hopefully, they will continue to expand the stuffed line although nothing official has been announced.

JANUARY 29, 2011


The second season which premiered in November did so well in the ratings, the TV Land cable network officially ordered a third season of 22 episodes.

FEBRUARY 25, 2011


Last February, McDonald’s reintroduced the Shamrock Shake to a national audience as part of their upgraded McCafe drink line.  (see above)  Once a national item for everyone, in later years the vanilla-mint milkshake has become a scaled down item in certain regional markets.

Though supposedly a seasonal item and named Shamrock in reference to St. Patrick’s Day, they are still on the menu at some restaurants.  I just had another one last Wednesday in Jersey City, NJ!

MARCH 4, 2011


The Atlantic City Race Course opened for six days of live racing the last week of April.  The course announced the May 1 races drew 9,822 fans and was the largest crowd in ten years.

A plan is in the works to remodel part of the facility to add new office buildings, renovate the grandstand, and upgrade the racing area.

Now you’re up to date!  As the stories continue to develop, I often post brief updates in the comments section below my blogumn.  So, thanks to my loyal readers, those who just drop by, and those who found this via Google!  Just wait until you see what I have in store for you during my second year a Fierce and Nerdy!

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