Three Line Lunchbox [Hippie Squared]

So here it is: an assortment of items out of a Three Line Lunchbox.¬†An apple, some chips and a few three line poems–spread ’em out on your picnic blanket. Ripe, stale, juicy or crunchy; gnaw on a couple and you decide.

Enjoy with wine, beer or a glass of cool lemonade.

Wild Grass

I long to push
This thin voice like wild grass
Through that crack in the wall

Late Night Groovers on the Dance Floor

When you got it and you know it
Man, you know
You got it

Wrapped in a Myelin Tortilla

This freeway with its miles I’ve driven so often and so long
Is surely wrapped in a myelin tortilla
Along well-traveled intra-skull head highways

Praise Ringo, True Drummer

Lives in the moment
Drums in the moment
Lives in the drums

Lament of the True Drummer

Lord give me a band. Lord bring me songwriters.
Lord send me a song to anchor. Lord lend me a beat to find
And keep. Lord let my heart take its skipping, thunderous pulse.

Bring it Back Around (Motto of the True Drummer)

When in doubt,
Bring it back

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featured image credit: louisa_catlover