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Thursday, Thursday: Me Off TV

I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. There’s something about getting to the end of the week, that just takes it out of me. I imagine I will come home on Friday and fall into a small coma until I emerge fresh as a spring butterfly on Saturday morning. Anyway, that’s what I daydream about at work on Thursdays.

Also, I’m beginning to miss TV. One cannot live on music and books and FaN alone. Occasionally, one should stop to smell the new Fall TV — or at least watch a CNN news cycle. I’m hoping to return to at least one hour a day next week. Wish me luck on that front.

Also, answer me this: What would we do if we actually added a few extra hours in our day? Do you think they would actually help or would we just fill them up with nonsense and still not get our suggested 7 hours of sleep a night?

I’d like to believe that I’ve become good enough at time management that I’d use the time wisely. But I suspect that those hypothetical hours might be filled with television I only kind of like while I steadily complained that I never have enough time to work on my novel(s).

Though I did give up my TV for a year, and truth be told, I only got a little more done. In TV’s absence I found other ways to distract myself. Half the friends that I’ve made in L.A. and my husband were acquired during my time without TV. Which begs the question, is TV the timesuck or are we?

That all said. Today is Entertainment Thursday. Let’s get to it.


Photo Credit: Walt Jabsco