TODAY’S 32 CANDLES ASK: Come Out And See Me [Pictures of You]

Hello Darlins,

I am loving all the shelf elf stories that I’ve been getting on Facebook. So please keep on shelf elfing and if you can take either a shelf elf pic or a pic of yourself with the book, as the lovely “other Ernessa” Sapper is in the picture to the left, that would be even more awesome.

You probably thought that pic request was Today’s 32 Candles Ask — but it’s not. Oh no, today’s request has to do with you coming out to see me, specifically at one of two events that I’ll be at this weekend.

First up: The Leimert Park Book Fair on Saturday, June 26. I’m moderating the 12:30pm panel on black love complete with a tribute to E. Lynn Harris. AND I’m doing a small book signing. Sooo if you can’t make it to my first book event on Monday, do stop by. More info can be found HERE.

Second up: My first official book event is happening next Monday (June 28) at the Grove’s Barnes & Noble, so please, please, please come out for that. I’ll be reading from and signing the book, and perhaps most importantly, we’ll be gathering for drinks afterward at the nearby Whisper Lounge. You don’t have to RSVP, but it would be nice to get an approximation of how many people are coming, so if you’re so inclined please click on the invite below to let us know if you’re coming.

100% Best