TODAY’S 32 CANDLES ASK: Shelf Elf Help Needed

Okay, I’m still reeling from all the people who supported 32 CANDLES yesterday on Facebook, Twitter, and through email blasts. I seriously can’t thank you enough, and I just want to hug all of you right now.

That all squealed, has anyone else ever heard the term “shelf elf?” Author Carleen Brice introduced it to me after she was kind enough to shelf elf 32 CANDLES for us as pictured. She used shelf elf as a noun, but I kind of like it more as a verb. As in, “I’m taking my two nephews to shelf elf around the city after lunch.” This simply means that we’re going to a few bookstores to make sure that 32 CANDLES is facing out as opposed to turned sideways, so that it may catch the casual browser’s eye much more easily.

Anywho, you’ve probably already figured out that Today’s 32 CANDLES ask is a shelf elf request. If you’re in a bookstore for any reason, please find 32 CANDLES and if it’s not already facing forward, then do us the favor of turning it around, so that customers can really see it.

Thanks so much in advance,