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Wonderfully Awful: Cracked Screen App


a blogumn by Robin Rosenzweig
Photo Credit: Tim Malabuyo

Photo Credit: Tim Malabuyo

Now that I’ve been a proud iPhone owner for approximately four months, I like to consider myself a bit of an expert. I can now recommend a variety of Very Important Apps, such as Service Bell (Need assistance? No service bell handy? Bring your own and annoy those who are there to help you!), iPity (because everyone needs a Mr. T phrase generator) and Cat Piano (A piano that sounds like cats! LOLZ!). That said, there is one app that you should never ever download, and I will do everything in my power to convince you to avoid at all costs. And that, my friends, is the Cracked Screen App.

My Cracked Screen App story started at a roller derby after party (naturally). My goofy friends and I also decided that night would be one of our periodic Caturday celebrations where we would all dress up in silly cat clothes. And to aid in the celebration, one friend went to the 99 Cents Only store and purchased cat mugs for us all to use for any beer drinking that would (and did) commence. When I left the party, I shoved the cat mug into an already packed tote bag and rode home with my fiancé. Once home, I grabbed my overflowing tote bag only to see the cat mug precariously perched. Worried that it might fall out and break, I directed my attention to the tote bag to ensure everything was safe and in place. And in the process, I neglected to notice that the iPhone in my jacket pocket was in danger. Seconds later, I heard it hit the ground…face down. When I picked it up, my heart sank as I saw the entire screen had shattered. So, for the record, 99 cent cat mug = saved. Expensive iPhone screen = destroyed.

crackedscreenapp2The next day, one of my derby teammates saw my phone and said, “Damn, you have Cracked Screen App!” And then she directed me to look it up on

Although my phone still worked, much like the state of the screen, my heart would break a little every time I looked at it and all its shattered glory, so I knew I had to get it fixed pronto.

And that’s where I found out why people usually hold on to Cracked Screen App for so long. Unless I felt comfortable performing surgery on my phone (and I didn’t), it ain’t cheap to fix a cracked screen. There are a number of after market places that can fix it for about $100, but doing so invalidates the manufacturer’s warranty – which, by the by, conveniently does NOT cover cracked screens. So I decided to go straight to the source and get my screen fixed at the Apple Store. For a mere $199, they will take the five whole minutes (give or take) to remove and replace your screen – so long as you make an appointment in advance at the Genius Bar, of course. They’ve got to be making a killing on clumsy people like me who clearly can’t have nice things.

So I did it. I dropped $199 for a new screen, and then paid another $40 to get a new case that resembles Batman’s suit with an extra plastic shield. Because this wasn’t the first time I dropped my iPhone (I dropped it the day I got it, actually, and several additional times since). And somehow, I have a feeling, it won’t be the last. But if I have anything to do with it, Cracked Screen App will be forever eradicated from my iPhone.