Worst of 2010: The Songs… [FaN Boos]

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Worst of 2010: The Songs… [FaN Boos]

Ernessa says: You know what gets me? The fact that if I totally hate a song, it’s just about guaranteed to come on the radio every time I stray away from my usual audio book. It’s like one of Murphy’s Laws and it drives me nuts! Accordingly, you’ll find a lot of radio hits in the list of our least favorite songs of the year below.

Btw, I was going to say that my least favorite song of the year is TRICK by E-40 f/ Too Short, b/c this mixed-message thing that rappers do where they celebrate sexually-liberated women on one-track, only to slut-shame them on the next one drives me crazy — but then I saw Alex and Emmy’s below and I decided that they called it right. Let us know if you agree in the comments!

Jedward – ICE ICE BABY [Ed. Note – I wasn’t planning to embed any of the “worst of” songs, but I had to embed this one video, b/c Alex & Emmy are absolutely right. This might be the most AWFUL thing I’ve seen in 2010, even above my sick baby projectile vomiting and my dog have a foaming-at-the mouth seizure. Seriously, it’s that bad.]

Alex and Emmy from Dating Ell-A

Now for the rest. Basically, our FaN bloggers were not loving the female pop stars this year — especially the ones whose names started with K … or Taylor.

That idiot song about California girls, which is even more stupid when you find out how it’s spelled. [Ed. Note: CALIFORNIA GURLS by Katy Perry]

Amy Brown from Book Simple

CALIFORNIA GURLS or really anything by Katy Perry.  Her songs are so processed, produced and bland to me.  She’s got a nice rack, but I don’t get the fascination.  I do not understand the world today.

Amy Robinson from Tall Drink of Nerd

TIK TOK. Ke$ha. Did I just spell a name with a dollar sign? Gross.

Kelli Bielema from Fierce in Seattle

Anything by Ke$ha! I hate this modern movement where we take an unknown skank and write a snappy dance track for her to mumble a bunch of crap over. Not. A. Fan.

Zack Bunker from Tall Glass of Shame

I heard Taylor Swift try to sing live on Saturday Night Live and though I didn’t get her appeal before my confusion over the state of the music industries need to push talentless beauty queens and kings down our throats was deepened after that. If you can’t perform without auto tune then just don’t.

Kelly Lett from Nerd In Transition

Anything from the Taylor Swift Oeuvre

R.B. Ripley from The Indie Chronicles

But don’t worry, the Top 40 guys also received their share of haterade — especially Bruno Mars (who I despise with a searing passion and yet had to tolerate all over my radio this year).

BILLIONAIRE – Gym Class Heroes/Bruno Mars.  It’s one long whining session about money.

Roya Hamadani from Fierce Foodie

The sharp trowel of Autotune has scraped the bottom of the barrel more thoroughly and efficiently than it has ever been scraped before, so there’s a massive tie for Second Worst Song between almost all of them. The absolute worst though, is that guy who really, really wants to be a billionaire and won’t shut the fuck up about it. I would really like to set him on fire. So freakin’ bad. Of course, I’ve got Oprah in line in front of me with a giant drum of gasoline and The Queen with matches. Don’t screw with those broads.

Eric Sims from California Seething

I was disappointed with the new MGMT album, CONGRATULATIONS.

CH from Buy Me This

FORGET YOU. Just doesn’t have the same ring. Sometimes a  swear word is needed.

Debra Goykhman from NewlyNested

REPLAY by Iyaz.  Although it was originally released in 2009, it was still at the top of the charts early in the year.  However, it was overplayed way too much to the point where I don’t want to hear it again.

Jersey Joe from Kicking Back With Jersey Joe

It was released last year, but if I have to listen to Jay-Z’s EMPIRE STATE OF MIND again I might throw up in my mouth. I get it–everybody loves New York City. I love NYC, and I’m probably a little jealous that I’ve never lived there. But this is a terrible song. Catchy, but terrible. At least in Los Angeles when we play Randy Newman’s I LOVE L.A., we know it’s a bad song. [Ed. Note — Joe is wrong about “I Love L.A.” “I Love L.A.” is a FANTASTIC song. It’s also my ringtone… (West Coast Represent!)]

Joe Rusin from On the Contrary

Even though I was a fan at first, every time I’m in a taxi, I hear that Vampire Weekend song in a commercial and I want to gouge something out. And, not necessarily on me. The overkill gives me violent feelings. [Ed. Note: She’s talking about HOLIDAY]

Dr. Miro Guldesky from Ask Dr. Miro

Anything by Nickelback, cos it is just terrible. And the only reason I know this terrible-ness is cos they play it at my work on rotation. Thank heavens for iPods!

Missy Kulik from Dork Lifestyle

And then there’s the random answers…

I’m over a decade behind with my pop music consumption, so I would have to go with LA VIDA LOCA.

Ryan Dixon from The Ryan Dixon Line and FIERCE ANTICIPATION

I got nothing. I guess there were some songs on the radio that grated my nerves, but I never bothered to catch the names of them.

Gudrun Cram-Drach from Secret Life of an Expat

NEED YOU NOW by Lady Antebellum.  I don’t need you now.

Josh Pullin from Stay At Home Nerd

TWITTER LOVE by DaveandDaves. Click on the link.  But beware–effin’ thing gets stuck in your head and then you’re singing it in the shower.

Michael Kass from Single White Nerd

I don’t have one…if I do not like it, I change the station.

Monique King-Viehland from Political Physics