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Wow! It’s Wednesday! Happy Happy Joy Joy

The other day Margaret from “Green Beans and Little Things” posted the quote that “Joy is the absence of fear.”

Do you believe that? I’m not sure I’m qualified to give an opinion as the most joyful times of my adulthood have all been accompanied by some sort of fear.

Also, like most chronic worriers, during my moments of pure joy, I’m afraid for when that joy will go away.

I feel the same way about massages and yoga. No matter how zenned out I get there’s always going to be a loud horn, disappointment, or stress-inducing problem to ruin my glow.

Why clean up? It’s just going to get messy again.

As I’ve said in past posts, much of my happiness is derived from being afraid to do things and doing them anyway. And in many ways I feel that the joy I get when something works out despite my fears is way better than the random fits of happiness that I sometimes experience. I guess you could say that my joy is actually dependent on fear.

But that’s just me. I’m curious which view of joy you guys subscribe to.