Wow! It’s Wednesday! Back on the Writing Horse [Writing Demons]

Just as I thought that my grief over Tulip’s death would keep me from my novel indefinitely, this interview that I did the FLY blog posted, and I was reminded that don’t believe in writer’s block.

In my practice, there is only writing and not writing. And your reasons for not writing are never ever valid. Ever.

As Marilyn at Writing Pad is always advising, “Keep the pen moving.” So yes, after four days of not writing, I picked up my computer and started working on my novel again last Friday . And I’ve upheld my writing practice every day since.

In general, I give myself a 7-day limit on tomfoolery. The rule is that if I go more than 7 days, then I have to read the The War of Art. So far I’ve only had to re-read it twice. But what do you guys do to beat “not writing?” Always looking for new fighting moves…

Oh, and speaking of Writing Pad, they’re not only having a party on Thursday, but they’ll also be raffling off a 5-week writing class. I’ll be there. And so can you. Check out the details HERE.

featured image credit: Rusty Boxcars