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Wow! It’s Wednesday! Belly Photos and Christmas Cards

bellyphoto19w1So for whatever reason, a few of my long-distance friends have asked for new photos, showcasing my baby belly. Though I’m totally willing to don a bikini if the lighting is right, none of my swimsuits happen to fit right now, and we’re still on the fence about taking a “babymoon,” so that photo might have to wait for like … never.

Meanwhile, here’s me in my new favorite shirt. Having three cats, I would never, ever buy anything with cats on it for fear of being (perhaps rightfully) judged. But this sleeveless cat sweater was given to me by a friend who was done with her maternity wear after 3 kids, so I’ve decided that it doesn’t count and that I shall wear it everywhere from now on.

I also posed in my thin undershirt, just in case the cat sweater doesn’t make me look 5 months pregnant enough.

In other baby, news. We went for our big second trimester appointments and ultrasound screening yesterday. I both dread and look forward to these appointments b/c after dealing with IVF, I’m still a little afraid to believe that this all happening and that everything is going to be all right.

bellyphoto19w2But apparently everything is fine so far. It turns out that the reason I’m not feeling the baby move as often as I would like is because my placenta is on outside as opposed to the inside — which means that it’s on my belly wall, and therefore creating a sort of padding against the baby’s movements. However, supposedly I’ll be able to feel her actually kick in about month.

Also, Betty is still a she. And she might be learning a little too much in my prenatal yoga classes. Her legs were crossed yoga style, which was funny. But she was also cupping her face with both hands, which made her look like “The Scream” and made us feel bad for bothering her with our ultrasound.

Later that day I met with the other three members of Filly Film Cult about our upcoming short film festival and prom. In a side discussion, I floated the idea of taking a stand for non-parent-based identity by not including Betty in CH’s and my next photo Christmas card, just sending our usual couple pic and saying “Happy Holidays from CH and Ernessa.”

Kalimba from “Inspirational Monday” advised that I shouldn’t do it, b/c then people would think that something had happened to poor Betty and I’d have to deal with a lot of worried phone calls. Ah well, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the idea pass CH anyway.

So around next Christmas, expect a blog seeking suggestions on how to dress a baby, so that we don’t all look too typical on our 2009 holiday card.