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Wow! It’s Wednesday! Brooklyn! Brooklyn!

Ugh, why am I blanking on the name of this song? Back in the day — like the 90s I think, there was a rap song about New York and it mentioned all the boroughs and from what I heard, seemed to be playing every single place anyone went in New York for like a year or two. It was the “Empire State of Mind” of the late 90s, but I can’t remember the name of the song, just that it had a Steely Dan sample as the hook. Or was a Doobie Brothers sample?

Anywho, I know I promised you a review of the new XBOX 360 Kinect, but I must have been smoking crack when I promised that, b/c when do I ever have time to write a big blog on a travel day? Look for that review blogumn NEXT Wednesday. And if you know the name of the song, please, please, please leave it in the comments.

More importantly, if you live in or near Brooklyn, I would so love to see you at this next event. I’m planning to get pregnant again come January, so this is the last time I’ll be hitting NYC for quite a while — like til 2012 awhile … unless something truly awesome comes up before then… in which case, I’ll um come back before 2012 — just click on the pic for more info, okay?