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Wow! It’s Wednesday! I Thee Do Insure

Image Credit: Roberto Rizzato

Image Credit: Roberto Rizzato

I’ve been meaning to talk about this professor who is trying to sell marriage insurance for a while now. When I first heard about the future possibility of buying insurance in case of divorce, I thought, “God, how unromantic.”

But then upon further thought, I was like, “Wait a minute, maybe this isn’t such a bad thing.” They say that people often go into bankruptcy because of the three D’s: Death, Disaster (this includes medical disasters like cancer), and Divorce.

Well people have life insurance that covers death, people have home insurance that covers natural disasters, and right now we’re having a national discussion about getting everyone on health insurance to avoid future medical disasters. But how many people are protected in case of a divorce? This is an especially big oversight when you consider that most Americans are probably much more likely to get divorced (the 2008  divorce rate was at 40% according to Wikipedia) than experience a Disaster or early Death of a spouse.

Still, I can’t see divorce insurance catching on, just because most people have to ignore statistics and probabilities in order to get down the marriage aisle. Buying such a policy would make it harder to turn a blind eye to the fact that your marriage has a 40% chance of failing. Then again, if people could insure themselves against divorce maybe even more people would get married. Also, I bet a lot of people who have been divorced once would like to have this available for their second go-round.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. And read more about this future divorce insurance biz here.