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Wow! It’s Wednesday! Is it a Boy or a Girl? $34.95, Please!

Sorry guys, I’ve been trying to talk about something other than pregnancy-related stuff. But since I’m officially on work-from-home maternity leave, am 1 cm dilated, and am actively waiting for Betty to frickin’ arrive already, I’m afraid that my daily posts are going to be baby-related until I you know, actually get the baby.

artintelligenderThat all said, I tried to get one of my friends to take this IntelliGender test, to find out if Betty will have any feminine company on her future playdates (so far our nearby friends are having/have had all boys), but she was all like “no, you’ll have to wait until we get the ultrasound in over two weeks.”

We won’t go into how my unnamed friend is selfish b/c she won’t do exactly what I tell her to do. That much is already obvs. But as someone who obsessively took pregnancy tests before we discovered that we’d have to go with IVF, I wonder if I would’ve taken this test myself or waited until the official ultrasound. It reportedly has an 78% to 80% success rate, which ain’t too shabby. So yes, I would probably have to say that I would’ve taken it if I’d had a spontaneous pregnancy.

But how about you? Do you think there’s any appeal in an OTC gender test? There’s also a lot of worry that people will use these tests to get gender-selective abortions, since these can be taken at 10 weeks as opposed to the 20 weeks it takes before most doctors administer an ultrasound. In fact, IntelliGender won’t sell their product in China and India, b/c of this fear. Warranted? I don’t think so, but then again I’m aflood in fell0w-human-loving pregnancy hormones, so I just find it hard to believe that anyone in the States who wanted a child would abort it b/c of gender preference.

Anyway, read more about the IntelliGender test here. And if you want to pick one up, they’re available at your local CVS and Walgreens for $34.95.