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Wow! It’s Wednesday! Male Engagement Rings

So apparently the latest wedding trend is for guys to also wear engagement rings. Apparently, more women are popping the question, so they need the proper prop and therefore both they and their guys end up with rings. I kind of love this trend, b/c I’ve always felt sorry for guys that are engaged. I mean, women can say, “I’m engaged!” and then all of their girlfriends and even some of their boy friends can coo over the ring.  And with a more co-ed way of life in the U.S., I think that guys might appreciate having a piece of jewelery to show off to prove that they’re engaged.

However, this kind of adds to the list of many, many wedding expenses, doesn’t it? And you wonder if it isn’t just another way for the already overblown industry to make more money. Do you think men should wear engagement rings? Weigh in below. And read more about the male engagement ring trend (mostly popping off in Europe) here.