Wow! It’s Wednesday! Mama Needs A New…

Hello from the doctor's office! I was just talking to my teething ring and he said something about shots. He means "shots of milk," right? Right?

Hello from the doctor's office! I was just talking to my teething ring and he said something about shots. He means "shots of milk," right? Right?

Oh guys, I am in a terrible mood. First of all Betty got her 4-month shots yesterday, which was WAY more traumatizing for both of us than her first round of shots 2 months ago. The first time she fussed a bit then calmed down immediately. This time she screamed and cried in the most pitiful, guilt-inducing way until she finally passed out when we got home. After an hour nap, she decided that she wanted to be held close for the rest of the day, and really who could blame her, that’s exactly how I would’ve responded if I were a baby. However, I wasn’t comfortable leaving her with a sitter, so I had to miss out on last night’s Chi Chi’s Word Parlor and I near about starved, b/c we had no food in the house having just gotten back from St. Louis, and it’s hard to get a meal together for yourself with a baby that screams every time you try to put her down.

Did I mention that I was also supposed to begin a big freelance project for my old job yesterday?

Oh, and I lost my car and house keys while getting out of the car at the doctor’s office yesterday. CH has been after me for weeks to get a bigger purse as opposed to my two-small Target wrist-strap clutch which keeps falling open and dumping out all of its contents, including my cash, card cozy, keys, and poor abused iPhone, but I didn’t listen. And now I’m out a set of car keys, which become really expensive to replace when you add that power-lock and security thingie into the mix — this was not an issue with my old Echo (which didn’t even have power steering) or the ’87 Toyota Corolla that I drove before that.

Oh, and the new ABC reboot of V kind of sucked — not just because of the alleged anti-Obama stuff, but also (really mostly) because it was heavy-handed and the writing felt really uninspired. Oh, and Governor Corzine, for whom my BFF works, was voted out. And Maine decided that two consenting adults who love each other shouldn’t be able to marry if they’re the wrong gender.

Oh, and it’s just me and Three Line Lunch for the rest of the week, b/c in a weird coincidence all of our regular bloggers have commitments and headaches that kept them from turning in posts.

Oh, and I really, really need to wash and blowout my hair, but don’t know where I’ll find the time or energy.

Oh, and I’ve been meaning to tell you that the Miramax option for 32 CANDLES has gone away along with most of the division. And I haven’t written since I found out, so now I’m fighting off a bit of the crazy and a major case of failure panic.

And I think we all know what this list of complaints is leading up to…

Yes, I need a new purse. Of course, being the kind of chyck that usually carries a Target purse until it falls apart, I know nothing about actually shopping for a quality-but-cute purse. This time I want a purse that I can at least keep for a year. I’d like it to be fashionable and big, so that I can throw a couple of diapers and a bottle in there if needs be. Oh, my gawd, as I was writing this description, I just realized what I’m really looking to buy: A MOM PURSE.

How. Did. This. Happen???

Anywho, advise on this matter seriously welcome.



P.S. — Betty’s doing much better today. She finally fell asleep at 8pm and slept through the night until 8am and now she’s happily playing with her blanket in the swing while I type this up.