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Wow! It’s Wednesday! Obstacles

So, continuing my thoughts on the God said “Ha!” meme. I have come to accept that whenever I make a good plan obstacles will come up. I don’t think this is God say “Ha!” I think of it more as a “Do You Really Want This?” pop quiz from the universe.

I rarely get sick, but if I do, it’s probably a sure bet that I’ve started a new exercise plan. A couple of weeks after I vowed to write every day until I finished the last big rewrite of my rogue sci-fi novel, both my dog and my MIL went into the hospital.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned to make plans then keep on the alert for obstacles. I take long walks when I’m not feeling well. I get up earlier and work harder when I don’t have childcare. In the words of the great Tim Gunn, I make it work, no matter what life throws at me these days.

So the next time you make a plan, maybe try planning for unforeseen obstacles as well. Something beyond your control is going to come up, figure out how to get around or over it. I’ll leave you now with this great piece of advice that Ms. Terry McMillan tweeted a few weeks ago:

“We are tested every single day by the challenges we are forced to face. Pass the test.”

Featured Image Credit: SnoShuu