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Wow! It’s Wednesday! Photoshop on the Chopping Block

twiggy_olaySo after Olay Definity released this wrinkle-free, ridiculously photoshopped ad, featuring Twiggy, a few British law makers are trying to impose a possible ban on or at least required disclosure of Photoshop use in ads. And it’s got me thinking…

Should we think about doing the same thing here?

The problem is that the beauty industry in this country seems to revolve around not helping you to looking better, but making you feel inferior. They put out an ad, featuring someone who supposedly uses their products. You feel bad that you, too, don’t look like that someone who supposedly uses those products, so you buy those products, hoping to look like that person.

This wouldn’t be so bad if said someone a) actually did look that good b/c s/he used the advertised product or b) wasn’t photoshopped within an inch of her life.

So in fact, you’ll never look like the girl on the billboard, b/c even the girl on the billboard doesn’t look like the girl on the billboard. And how is that fair? And how does persuading consumers into purchases with manipulated photographs not count as false advertisting?

We do have Truth in Advertising laws for a reason. Is it time to take the heavy use of Photoshop to task? Many advertisers are in effect using Photoshop to outright lie about what their product can do.

Anyway, read more about the British ban in this Jezebel piece, and let us know what you think of the issue in the comments.