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Wow! It’s Wednesday! Pornagraphically Bad etc In The Kitchen

So, remember back in the spring, when Filly Film Cult threw our most successful micro-film festival to date: The Quickie: An Evening of Disappointing Porn?

If only someone had been running a camera while CH and I made Pork Adobo and Masta Khair and Pornographically Good Macaroni & Cheese, that would have made a great entry for next year’s Quickie.

If you’re an instinctive and happy cook (like CH), then all of these recipes are awesome. If you’re make-the-recipe-exactly-as-it’s-written-with-exact-measurements cook (like me), plus you’re suffering from morning sickness, and don’t really feel like you can stand up for a long time, then you might have some problems.

Originally CH was supposed to made the Macaroni and I was in charge of the Pork Adobo. I managed to get the meat all cut up and into the pan for its first half-hour soak, but I constantly found myself stymied by anything-goes instructions like, “add some more water and soy sauce.” I had never thought of myself as uptight before, but apparently I am when it comes to cooking. “How much more? I don’t know!” I kept saying until CH threw in enough water to submerge the pork and a lot of shakes of low-sodium soy sauce.

I was worried about the sauce being low-sodium and the pork butt actually being pork shoulder, b/c the grocery store didn’t have Boston pork butt and CH looked it up on his iPhone and they said pork shoulder was a good substitution. Also, I nearly fainted while standing over the hot stove, trying to brown all pieces.

How did pregnant slaves work out in the fields under these conditions back in the day? That led to a discussion about how they were probably younger and stronger than me and maybe they took breaks or were so afraid of the overseer that they just got through it somehow — you know typical kitchen conversation.

So anyway this is all to say that CH ended up making the Pornagraphically Good Mac & Cheese about 2/3rds of the Pork Adobo. And both were super-delish. If you’re thinking of trying the Pork Adobo without the Masta Khair yogurt sauce, don’t even think about it. I didn’t put cucumbers in mine (I hate cucumbers), but thought the greek yogurt with mint was the perfect complement.

Tomorrow: I’ll let you know how everythings heats ups, then on Thursday, we’re going to tackleĀ  a couple of more dishes. So catch us later.