Wow! It’s Wednesday! The Death of Not Boring

So I was planning to talk about my Belgium and London trip like all week, but then I realized that no matter how I spun it, it was basically fun for me, and boring for you. In fact, the most fascinating bit of the trip (for me at least) was realizing how very boring I had become, and how even more boring I was about to become — and totally being okay with that.

Though I don’t expect my life to revolve around my children — just not built to be that kind of mom — I do realize that my 8-day-jaunts-to-Europe-with-my-sister days are probably over for a couple of decades. I probably also won’t be going to any more countries where there’s a ton of beer and cheese and not all that much for kids to do anytime soon. And I probably won’t decide on Thursday to go to London on Saturday. From what I understand life doesn’t work like that after you become a parent.

Then again, it might be exactly like that. Motherhood might bring out even more improv in me. I guess you really don’t know what kind of parent your going to be until you actually become one.

That all said, yea, it’s Wednesday! Stay tuned for a bunch of great blogs that don’t involve Belgium, London, or me fretting over becoming a boring parental unit. Definite win for you, I’d say.


Photo Credit: Deann Barrera