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Wow, It’s Wednesday: The Hole In My Dress

Photo Credit :: Katey ::

Photo Credit :: Katey ::

I’m sure after a body change, you’ve acquired a “new favorite,” that is something you find after the “old favorite” has stopped fitting, whether it is now too large or too small. The new favorite manages to stunt for your new body in an awesome way, disguising its drawbacks (in my case, post-pregnancy pooch) and emphasizing it s perks (in my case, post-pregnancy rack). And of course as with most favorite clothing for which we hold loads of affection, it is super-duper comfortable and acquired cheaply.

For me that new favorite is a striped, purple and black and Alfani dress that I picked up from Macy’s on my first post-pregnancy shopping spree. It empires out just below my newly-terrific chest, disguising my tummy, and it sits on my shoulders in such a way that draws the eye away from my now-undertoned arms while giving me the freedom of sleeveless.

I love this dress and would wear it everyday if I had more than one. However, only 2 months into our friendship, I acquired a hole at the mid-thigh place were the empire bit and the t0-the-floor bit meet.

My husband was the one to point it out the first time, while I was creating a Mii for Wii Fit before we went to an event. He wondered if I didn’t want to change. I declined and mumbled something about sewing it up at a later date.

Two weeks later he pointed it out again. Same mumbled promise, but when it came time to sew it before throwing it in the laundry hamper, I skipped the sewing and tossed it into the hamper.

This past Monday, while in the Lexus dealership, my husband looked down and said, “Really honey?” He suggested that if I didn’t want to sew it, I could always take it to the dry cleaners.

But this time I made no promises. Though I don’t believe in going out of my way to preserve my youth, I have held on to a few things from my youthful days. For example, wearing Converse, even though I could use a lot more arch support these days. Dancing around the house, even though there are certainly more effective uses of my time. And not sewing up the holes in my clothing.

Here’s the truth. I know how to sew, but as a young person with both boheme and punk leanings, I refused to seal up the holes in my clothes. And when adults and my (old-lady-at-heart) sister pointed out said holes in clothes and socks alike, I would often answer with something saucy like, “That’s fine with me,” and carry on until the hole was sewn up without my approval (this has happenend more than once) or the piece of clothing was given or thrown away.

However, I’m not a kid anymore, and I can see myself telling Betty she has to let go of something once it has holes in it, so that her classmates don’t think her the victim of neglectful parents.

And I think about that woman who’s still wearing “The Rachel” almost 15 years afters its inception into popular culture. Or that Progresso soup commercial where the wife complains that her newly svelte husband is now wearing the same clothes he wore when he was in his 20s. Or that old lady in a mini-skirt. And I fear becoming part of their much-made-fun-of ranks.

But then I remember that I’m a geek and I do what I effin want. And I toss my new favorite into the hamper, hole unsewn, and dress sure to be worn at a future date.