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Wow! It’s Wednesday! YES WE DID, But…

So as a person who’s been an Obama supporter since she saw the John Kerry convention speech and a black person since she was born, this is a beautiful day on Earth. I’m in Belgium now, where there are surprisingly, so many black people, that natives keep asking me questions in French, because they assume that I live here, but also where my sister was incredibly disturbed to find at the chemical plant that she was safety auditing no black people whatsoever and only two women, neither of which were engineers. In her words: Zero diversity. This could not have happened here or in France, or lets face it, in most other countries around the world. I still doubt that we’ll see a black English Prime Minister within our lifetime, though U.K. papers are quick to lambaste us for our many failings in regard to how we view our own people and the world.

However, Belgium did legalize gay marriage back in 2002. And in 2005, so did Spain where we’re going next.

But apparently many Californian believe that it is right and moral to strip their fellow human beings of their right to marry, and apparently these same people have the right to do so. As of 4:30 this morning, Yes on 8 is winning by a narrow but clear margin.

And like many Californians right now, I am torn between tears of joy and tears of anger. I think Delia said it best in the comments of my No on 8 post last night:

It is 11:00pm on election day and it doesn’t look good for Prop 8…I hope things change by the time I wake up, but I can’t figure out how we can take a huge step forward and a huge step back in the same election. I don’t know how to feel about it all.

The fact is that if civil rights laws had been put on state ballots back in the ’60s, we would still have Jim Crow Laws on the books in some places today. And though I imagine that Catholics celebrated the election of Kennedy like it was 1999 when he won, I find it hard as a fair person to celebrate the election of Obama, when couples’ (some that I know) marriages are set to be declared null and void all around me.

I am full of hope for our future, but sick with frustration for our now.

However, another part of me is trying to take solace in the fact that after Kennedy won the election, civil rights was just a few years behind (though I know that it’s debatable whether they would have happened under his tenure had he not been assassinated and LBJ been able to push many of them through in his wake).

I decided a few months ago that “me not being able to do shit” was over. I decided that whatever I dreamed, whatever I imagined for myself, it was going to happen. Work, talent, smarts, time, and patience — I decided to use the five tools that were always available to me (indeed, available to all of us) to defeat any challenge, and so far, when used properly, these tools have worked tremendously well since I made that decision.

And with God as my witness, my children will not reach adulthood, thinking that they, too, can become president, but that they can’t marry the person they love if that person is of the same sex. I declare this, I will live this, I will fight for this until the day I die.

Obama has shown me what fierce determination can do, and I vow to follow in his footsteps.

So thank you Yes on 8 lobby for spending so much of your money to pass this proprosition. Yesterday, I would have settled for California and hoped for the best everywhere else. But today, I’ve decided not to stop until gay marriage is federal. And after that I might ban together with my fellow basic human rights supporters and go for the world.

You just created a lifetime warrior.